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Why seawater?.

Seawater has many benefits for the body. In its composition are a large number of minerals, and high Ph, which makse this natural element ideal for severals applications for the health and wellness of the human being.

Its composition is very similar to that of human blood plasma, hence its importance as a cell regenerator.

Throughout history there are many studies that have been carried out with seawater as a protagonist, but it was perhaps the French scientist René Quinton, who developed more in depth all the benefits of marine therapy.

The doctor determined that in order to produce a good functioning of the cells, they must live in a balanced and alkaline internal environment that prevents their deterioration and, seawater, having a composition so similar to human plasma can meet this function perfectly.

In Spain, the Aquamaris Foundation is dedicated to the research and disclosure of its therapeutic and nutritional properties. In the following graphic we can see a detailed comparison of the elements of the periodic table that contain the human body and the seawater.

Seawater benefits.


Its minerals help restore health by providing energy and, therefore, increase the quality of life. It provides indispensable minerals.


It supplies all the essential minerals and alkalinity for the proper functioning of the organism.


Maintaining the optimal levels of acid and hydration.


Increases defenses and facilitates their performance against infections. It helps healing.


It favors a correct hormonal production.


Activates the production of saliva and stimulates the secretion of enzymes in the stomach.


Reducing cortisol and adrenaline.


Its alkalizing effect helps to improve bone health.


Some of the minerals it contains, such as sulfur and zinc, keep the skin soft and shiny, and help fight eczema and rashes.

How to use seawater.

You can drink it (isotonizing it). In this way, the body can enjoy all the benefits of this natural environment, and, at the same time, be perfectly hydrated.

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You can also use it for cooking, being very appreciated by great chefs around the world for its ability to enhance the flavor of food, giving it new and pleasant textures. Take a look at our blog where we have prepared recipes to help you experiment.

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