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MarSport emerges as an isotonic drink for athletes who need a remineralization after performing a continuous and moderate physical exercise.

Incorporates seawater in its composition facilitating the assimilation of this by the body and providing greater sports performance. The large amount of minerals (electrolytes) it contains favors the increase of values such as glucose, sodium or bicarbonate.


  • Avoid dehydration in continuous exercise processes.
  • It provides a large amount of electrolytes that the body loses during physical exposure, giving extra energy.
  • Does not have any caloric intake.

Recommended use.

MarSport can be taken before, during and after the sport to balance the level of electrolytes in our body and facilitating rapid recovery. But it is not only the only format that can be used for athletes. Our 20ml mini-doses of hypertonic seawater (pure and undiluted) is the best ally for times when you need extra energy and have a higher performance.

Packaging formats.

Hipertónica Aqua de mar 20ml

Isotonic drink 500 ml

Rehydrate your body in the healthiest way and provide all the minerals necessary for a better performance.

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