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Seawater has a high pH (from 8 to 8’4) and a mineral content with a similar proportion to that of the human body. That proportion of minerals is essential for human health. For this reason, our customers consume it daily as part of a healthy life.
Seawater can be drunk or used as a dietary supplement in recipes. To drink it you have to differentiate between hypertonic (100% Seawater) or isotonic (diluted with fresh water).
The amount of seawater that must be used in recipes is relative because, as with salt, each person has a different taste. The ideal is to try and adjust according to the personal taste but as a guideline we recommend using 100% seawater to cook seafood ,75% to cook fish and 33% to cook potatoes, vegetables, chicken, pasta and rice.
Seawater will improve the flavor of your food and, in addition, makes it possible to eliminate from your diet the negative effects of common or refined salt (a dead mineral) such as fluid retention or arterial obstruction.

In addition, table salt is composed of 97% sodium and 3% minerals; while seawater is 86% sodium and 14% healthy minerals all for the body, also sodium which is a mineral, in this case, live.

There are several scientific studies that ensure that seawater helps prevent diabetes, reduce blood cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure. Of course, this depends on each person, and it is advisable to consult with your trusted doctor.
No, the salt in seawater is a natural preservative, if stored in a dry place away from light it will retain its properties for years.
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