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For the daily consumer – Aqua de Mar

Drink seawater to provide your body with all the minerals and high pH (8.4), you need it for proper functioning, preventing certain pathologies.

Vizmaraqua - Aqua de mar

Gastronomical uses- MarAqua

When it comes to enhance and excelling the flavor of your meals, seawater is your ally. Many world-class chefs already use it in their recipes, among them, Ferrán Adriá and Angel León (del mar’s Chef ).

Vizmaraqua - Mar Sport

Healthly sport drinks – MarSport

Recover all the minerals lost working out, immediately and naturally. Ideal for athletes who want to improve their performances.


Why seawater?.

Seawater has many benefits for the body. In its composition are a large number of minerals, and high Ph, which makes this natural element ideal for severals applications for the health and wellness of the human being. Its composition is very similar to that of human blood plasma, hence its importance as a cell regenerator.

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