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MarAqua was born to satisfy the needs of the most experienced chefs who want their creations to have a unique flavor in which the natural and the healthiest of foods prevail. The fact of incorporating seawater into the kitchen means that these are nurtured from all the minerals that our marine plasma possesses and get the raw materials to enhance their original flavor.. In addition, adding seawater to the stews allows the elimination of refined table salt that has so many negative effects on health (especially cardiovascular diseases).

Well-known chefs from the world culinary scene have incorporated this natural element as the best flavor enhancer and generator of new and interesting textures. Making use of its use. Among them, we can find the chef Ferrán Adriá or del mar’s Chef, Ángel León.


  • Power and improves the flavor of the products by providing new textures very pleasant in the mouth.
  • Thaws without loss of qualities in the processen.
  • Acts as natural preservative.
  • It provides nutrients naturally and healthily as iodine, calcium or magnesium among many others (92 in total).

Recommended use.

The most important thing to use seawater in the kitchen is to know how to use it in its correct proportion since its use will depend on the salinity that we want to give to our dishes. Vizmaraqua, as a marketer and distributor of this marine plasma makes some recommendations for use that we leave below.

Packaging formats.

Hipertónica Aqua de mar 20ml

Hypertonic 2 liters

For the day to day in the kitchen. Convenient handling and dosage.

Hipertónica Aqua de mar 20ml

Bag in box 2 liters

A different format, for different people. With a comfortable dispensing tap.

Hipertónica Aqua de mar 20ml

Hypertonic 5 liters

Package intended for those who are convinced of the properties that seawater brings to their stews.

Hipertónica Aqua de mar 20ml

Hypertonic 8 liters

Format for those who want more quantity for less price.

Hipertónica Aqua de mar 20ml

Hypertonic 25 liters

For demanding industrialists looking for excellence in your products.

Hipertónica Aqua de mar 20ml

Hypertonic 1000 liters

If you need large quantities for the preparation of your products this is your format.

Hipertónica Aqua de mar 20ml

Hypertonic 25000 liters

For large manufacturers concerned about the health of their customers.

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